Ecus have worked closely with the National Trust to design and build a wetland system at Calke Park National Nature Reserve (NNR).

Calke Park has a designed lake system that is fed by a stream, which drains arable land upstream of the lakes. Flash flooding during periods of heavy rain was threatening the water quality of the lake system as well as blocking the access road to Calke Abbey.

The new wetland was designed to attenuate water upstream of the lake system during periods of flooding and slowly release it back into the lakes. This helps to reduce the amount of sediment entering the lake system.

The scheme was designed to benefit the ecology of the NNR including creating habitats for white-clawed crayfish, great-crested newt, invertebrates, birds and small mammals. A boardwalk and dipping platform were installed so that the wetland can be used by the Trust as an educational resource.

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Nick Birkinshaw

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Calke Park Wetlands

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