Setting of Heritage Assets

Ecus Heritage specialise in assessing potential impacts on the setting of heritage assets for a wide range of project types including renewables (wind energy, solar and biomass), industrial/retail developments and housing allocation.

The Heritage team also has experience of undertaking large scale and national strategic reviews on the setting of heritage assets for English Heritage and for organisations such as the National Trust within World Heritage Sites.

We work in a range of environments from greenfield to townscapes and our experience and expertise have been successful in securing planning permission for numerous schemes where the setting of heritage has been a specific issue raised by either local authority planning officers or statutory consultees such as English Heritage.

Our assessments can help to define the extent of harm on the setting of heritage assets and whether this harm affects the significance of the heritage asset itself. By working with our clients we are able to reduce any setting issues through appropriate mitigation measures.

By working with the Ecus landscape team our approach combines a robust visual assessment accompanied with a thorough appreciation of the effects of anticipated visual changes on the settings of designated and undesignated heritage assets. This approach has been welcomed by local authorities as providing a robust framework for assessment.

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