Ecological Impact Assessment

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) forms the core of our day to day business. Our ecologists provide a cost-effective and pragmatic approach to the preparation of ecology, aquatic ecology and ornithology chapters for a wide range of project types including renewable energy, minerals, industrial, retail and residential schemes.

We conduct baseline surveys and assessment following best practice standards and work closely with the our client and their design team to understand and minimise any potential impacts of a proposal on the wildlife resource of their sites. Our aim is to support our clients in environmentally responsible and sustainable development and to help ensure a positive outcome for both the client and the natural environment.

Ecus’ ecologists take a pro-active role in consultation and engagement with stakeholders and often attend public consultations on behalf of our clients. We are happy and comfortable representing our clients at Public Inquiry and work closely with the rest of the EIA team to ensure that potential impacts are fully understood and effective mitigation solutions are provided.

Our services are available individually or as part of an integrated package supplied by our EIA team. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and the different service options we can provide.