Habitat Surveys

Our experienced surveyors typically undertake habitat and vegetation survey of over 1500 hectares of land per year.  Our skills and expertise in this area means we are ideally placed to undertake rapid habitat evaluations and assessments on behalf of our clients.

Extended Phase I Habitat Surveys can be undertaken all year round and are often the starting point for ecological survey work undertaken for development projects.  These surveys are a cost and time effective way of providing information on both the habitats and plant and animal species present and may be all that’s required for some sites..

Where necessary our ecologists undertake more detailed habitat and vegetation surveys using standard survey methods, including:

  • Phase II botanical survey (NVC)
  • River corridor and habitat surveys
  • Hedgerow survey
  • Lake survey

We undertake surveys in all UK habitats including grassland, woodland, heathland bogs, rivers, lakes and saltmarsh.  We also undertake surveys for specific protected or invasive plant species including floating water-plantain, Japanese knotweed, Australian swamp stonecrop and Himalayan balsam.

If you need a habitat survey undertaking or would like to discuss any of our other services please give us a call or make an enquiry.