Bat survey

Ecus undertakes bat survey, mitigation and licensing works across the UK.  We appreciate the challenges of negotiating the planning system and support our clients through this process.

We offer a comprehensive suite of bat roost and activity surveys including both on site and remote monitoring.  We are familiar with the all current bat survey methodologies including the recently published BCT guidelines on bats and wind farms and use the latest technology including Anabats and the new SM2 remote detector units to ensure robust survey results.

Where the process of a development may disturb bats or their roosts our licensed bat ecologists prepare detailed European Protected Species Licence applications on behalf of our clients.

We undertake mitigation works including installing external and internal bat boxes, creating new roosts, supervising demolition and re-roofing, landscaping for bats, advising developers, architects, builders and home owners on how to accommodate bats within new and old properties.

We now supply Schwegler bat boxes at competitive prices and can install your boxes for you too.

For further information please give us a call or make an enquiry.  To view a successful Ecus bat mitigation case study please visit: