EIA Scoping and Feasibility

Ecus’ EIA Scoping Service works on behalf of both developers and Planning Authorities to consider development proposals in conjunction with planning policy, legislation and the natural environment and develop a project specific scope of works that can be signed up to by all parties.

The key output of this process is our EIA scoping report. These reports have a flexible format depending on the requirements of the individual client, but typically the following components will be included:

  • Details of relevant legislation and planning policy that has influenced the scope of the assessment;
  • Details of the technical disciplines to be considered within the Environmental Statement (ES), and initial appraisal of potentially significant effects within each discipline;
  • Guidance on the methods to be used to identify and assess impacts;
  • Details of any consultation undertaken or advised scope, and
  • Information on the proposed structure and format of the ES.

For further information on any of our EIA services please contact Erica Kemp.