Part 2A Environmental Protection Act

Ecus has an enviable track record in undertaking inspections of potentially contaminated land for local authorities under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Drawing on our extensive experience in geo-environmental consultancy and using the latest site investigation and risk assessment techniques, we have provided consultancy support to local authorities around the country including:

  • South Oxfordshire District Council;
  • Bassetlaw District Council;
  • Sheffield City Council;
  • Gedling Borough Council;
  • Ashfield District Council.

We have undertaken work at each stage of the Part 2A process, including the following:

  • Development of contaminated land inspection strategies;
  • Prioritisation of sites for inspection;
  • Desk-based preliminary risk assessments and site walkover surveys;
  • Intrusive inspection including access-restricted trial pitting and window sampling in residential gardens;
  • Quantitative human health and controlled waters risk assessments using Environment Agency and other methodologies;
  • Clear advice as to whether the sites inspected constitute ‘contaminated land’ under Part 2A, with full justifications prepared in accordance with the latest statutory guidance;
  • Remediation options appraisals and cost/benefit analysis;
  • Remediation tender preparation and appraisal;
  • Remediation supervision and verification reporting;

Contract preparation and project management.

In addition to offering our services to the public sector, our experience under Part 2A allows us to provide advice to private sector clients who require rapid, robust assessments of potential contamination and remediation liabilities for land acquisitions including developers, pension funds and finance providers.