Flood Risk Assessment

Ecus have the in-depth and broad ranging experience required for conducting Flood Risk Assessments, on behalf of both private and public sector developers, and for every size and type of development.

We carry out Flood Risk Assessments in support of your planning applications, to address flood related issues as required by the Local Planning Authority and Environment Agency.

Our assessments and reports follow the latest Government guidance contained within the National Planning Policy Framework, plus the well-established and still accepted PPS25 – Practice Guide.

There is no ‘standard’ Flood Risk Assessment, and our reports will be tailored towards the specific circumstances of your project. Our assessments consider flooding from all potential sources, not just rivers and the sea, and for sites greater than 1 hectare in area, we will tailor the assessment towards surface water drainage issues, as required by the Environment Agency.

Our services include:

  • Liaison with the Environment Agency, Local Planning Authority and Sewage Undertaker.
  • Site walkover assessments.
  • Obtaining and assessing published flood risk information.
  • Comparison of site levels with modelled flood levels.
  • Assessment of the impact of climate change.
  • Production of surface water run-off calculations.

If a more detailed assessment is required, we can undertake hydraulic modelling, breach analysis and assessment of drainage systems including Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

If you would like more information about any of these services either give our water team a call or make an enquiry.