Wetland Restoration

Ecus specialise in the design, remediation, restoration and creation of wetlands, providing a full design and build service from initial scoping through to implementation of site works and on-going management planning.

Our recent projects include habitat creation, restoration and improvement on rivers and standing waters and associated wetland habitats, from full wetland design and build through to small scale habitat improvements including building of otter holts, kingfisher/sand martin walls, water vole side channels and installation of crayfish ‘reefs’.

Working together with our landscape and heritage teams we routinely undertake design and restoration of rivers, waterways and waterbodies in urban areas. We specialise in restoration options appraisal for lakes, rivers and canals.

Our skills base includes:

  • Design and Build
  • Habitat improvements
  • Hydrological restoration
  • Topographic, bathymetric and hydrographic survey of the lakes, weirs and watercourses and associated analysis
  • Analysis of the upstream catchment land and watercourses
  • Silt sampling and analysis, including a full report on disposal options for excavated materials
  • Management planning
  • Contract management

If you would like more information about any of these services either give our water team a call or make an enquiry.