My first month at Ecus, by Konya Williams

Our Graduate Landscape Architect, Konya Williams blogs about her first month at Ecus.

Konya Williams
Written by:

Konya Williams

November 21, 2022
Graduate Landscape Architect

at Ecus

Transitions are an essential part of life, everyone makes decisions that can dramatically change the course of their journey at some point in their lives. For me, it’s taking my first steps into a full time job after a 3 year degree and graduating with a BSc in Landscape Architecture. If I were to be interviewed and asked “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”, I’d say a Landscape Architect! How would I get there? I’m not sure, but I am optimistic for this new chapter of my life. 

Since I started working at Ecus a month ago as part of my year-out placement, I have had the opportunity to meet the landscape team and various other environmental consultants. In particular, I’ve enjoyed watching how different disciplines work together. Effective collaboration between different fields such as archaeology, arboriculture, ecology and landscape architecture is crucial for successful projects. 

During my first month at Ecus, I gained experience using design software including Bricscad and Photoshop to create landscape masterplans, learned about different meadow mixes, learned about the Building with Nature standard and continued to strengthen my understanding of Biodiversity Net Gain. 

I look forward to working on more projects and taking them through to detailed design, then continuing to learn how it progresses through the planning stages.  

It is my love of plants and passion for design that attracted me to the field of landscape architecture. I know this passion will grow as I go on to do my Masters next year. Through my career I hope to connect people and place, while improving biodiversity in the public realm.