Ecology and Biodiversity

Ecological Support

Enhancing biodiversity through naturalised solutions

Our ecology services

Working as an extension of your design team, our ecology experts survey, manage and advise to identify constraints and mitigate risks.

We keep sustainability at the forefront of our mind to ensure your project progresses efficiently while adhering to ecological measures. Through close collaboration and a combination of Ecus services, our team discovers and delivers technical solutions.

Our ecologists are highly experienced across a wide range of species, including:

  • Bats
  • Barn owls
  • Badgers
  • Great crested newts
  • Birds (wintering, breeding and ground nesting)
  • White clawed crayfish
  • Otters
  • Water voles
  • Freshwater pearl mussel
  • Dormice

Due to seasonal constraints, early engagement is key. We support clients at a strategic level, informing viability assessments and identifying potential constraints.

By partnering closely with your teams, we can ensure the appropriate surveys and assessments are conducted at the right time. This typically involves conducting an initial assessment or Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) to support impact reviews and develop bespoke mitigation and compensation strategies.

Working in partnership

Ecologically-focussed design

Our ecologists work in partnership with our landscape team, to develop landscape strategies, Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) and Landscape Ecological Management Plans (LEMP) for the benefit of the natural environment and our clients.

We collaborate with our water environment and contracting teams to design and build naturalised solutions to environmental risks. The result provides multiple benefits, for example creating Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes (SUDS) with a focus on biodiversity mitigates flood risk and creates an amenity resource benefitting the natural environment.

Building a sustainable future

Biodiversity Net Gain

Our experts are at the forefront of understanding and implementing the principles of Biodiversity Net Gain. We have an excellent record of working with large clients such as Network Rail to determine the biodiversity value of sites and assess project impacts. By successfully engaging with multiple stakeholders, we develop compensation plans where required offsite. Biodiversity Net Gain is a priority for us, so we’re using innovative solutions to bring it into our delivery.

Enhancing biodiversity

Habitat Creation and Management

Our ecology and environmental management teams work together to provide a complete assessment, mitigation and compensation package.

  • Habitat restoration and management
  • Invasive species advice and management
  • Invasive, non-native species surveys and advice

By engaging with our ecologists early, the impact of a project can be mitigated. Where compensation is needed, our experienced in-house delivery team can design and build areas such as wildflower meadows, ponds and badger sets.

Our habitat management work has been a key factor in the development of our Biodiversity Net Gain expertise. We work with landowners to determine the current biodiversity value of their site and develop a strategy to deliver Biodiversity Net Gain. By collaborating with landowners, we explore practical options and determine viability and deliver innovative solutions to the benefit of the environment.