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Landscape Architecture

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Our landscape services

With over 30 years of landscape architecture experience, our experts bring unique skills and design flair to each project they embark on. Our expertise in design and project management allows us to provide creative and innovative landscape architecture solutions.

We successfully deliver across all Landscape Institute work stages. We understand how important it is to use a capable team, so all our staff are Landscape Institute members and our team leader and senior staff are Chartered Landscape Architects.

At Ecus, we use the latest digital design software to work collaboratively with other design team disciplines including architects and engineers, producing clear and eye-catching graphics for design proposals and construction.

We have strong technical skills in both hard and soft landscape design, and our schemes are bespoke to each location, project type, budget and management. We’re guided by a design philosophy which works towards long-term sustainability on any site, and we achieve this through thoughtful design, sensitive implementation and effective management plans.


  • Conceptual / strategy

    High level hard and soft landscape strategy plans that create a strategic landscape vision for a site. This is useful during the early stages of a project and provides valuable input into the next stage of master planning.

  • Masterplanning

    Our master planning service creates an overview of a site or area while also defining the design language used to guide individual scheme elements. We create exceptional master planning frameworks that enable dynamic conceptual layouts, guiding future growth and development of an area.

  • Hard and soft landscape detailed design

    We produce detailed hard and soft landscape designs including planting plans and technical construction details.

  • Specification

    Delivering National Building Specification (NBS) for landscape sections or outline specifications as required.

  • Maintenance schedules

    Maintenance schedules for landscape schemes for the establishment period into the long term.

  • Community consultation and engagement

    We have a strong track record of working in partnership with public and private sector clients, stakeholders, and members of the public on a range of landscape schemes. Our vast range of community and stakeholder engagement techniques include public exhibitions, interactive workshops, charity events, school activities, research questionnaires and involvement in art work and planting.

Hard and soft landscape design


  • Landscape and Visual Appraisals, and Impact Assessments

    Landscape and Visual Appraisals (LVA) and Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA).

    We have extensive experience in predicting and analysing landscapes and visual impacts. Through consultation with statutory and non-statutory stakeholders, comprehensive desk and field surveys, and impact evaluation using the latest computer software techniques, we assist in finding solutions and developing mitigation techniques to minimise any impact.

    We can provide standalone LVIA reports or produce them as an Environmental Statement (ES) chapter. Alternative, we can develop complete LVIAs including viewpoint photography, assessment report, and photomontages.

  • Landscape Character Assessment (LCA)

    Producing Landscape Character Assessments (LCA) and updating existing assessments to meet your requirements.

Landscape architecture


  • Landscape Management and Maintenance Plans (LMP)

    We produce Management Plans to suit a range of applications for both commercial and conservation projects. We are supported by our in-house ecology and heritage teams to produce integrated multi-purpose management plans.

  • Contract Administration

    Our landscape contract administration services include budgetary cost estimating, tender preparation, and contract management duties. This includes ensuring completed work is fit for purpose and long term management through site meetings and audits.