Creation, mitigation and management


Our technical expertise

Our dedicated habitats team consists of highly trained and accredited staff who understand your required project outcomes.

We deliver projects on rail and roads infrastructure, as well as residential and commercial development sites. With our extensive knowledge we ensure each project is delivered efficiently and to the highest quality.

When it comes to the environment, we understand the delicate balance between protecting nature and progressing your schemes. We use experienced environmental professionals to ensure every project meets its ecological objectives.

Accredited and certified

Expert technical teams

Our experienced teams include SMSTS, CSCS, CPCS and PTS trained staff as well as Chartered Foresters and Chartered Ecological Professionals.

We have fully certificated excavator, dumper truck and plant operatives. Alongside this, our Site Managers hold a variety of protected species licenses including great crested newts (GCN), white-clawed crayfish (WCC) and bats.

This unique combination of contracting and environmental skills enables us to deliver a wide range of projects and services to an exceptionally high standard.

Our services

  • Protected Species Mitigation

    Mitigation can be required as part of enabling works or at the end of a project, with its successful implementation critical.

    Our team employs experienced and accredited environmental professionals who understand the legislation and ecological requirements of species, working with you to deliver successful mitigation schemes and minimise project risk.

  • Habitat Creation and Restoration

    If your scheme requires specialist habitat creation works we will support you from design and build through to project sign-off.

    Working collaboratively, we draw on in-house technical expertise to understand and work within the complex and sensitive nature of these sites.

    Our projects are delivered in a professional, timely and accurate manner by a team experienced in integrating environmental requirements into contracting and development activities.

  • Habitat and Site Management

    Active management plays an essential role in maintaining habitat and species interest and in meeting site management objectives.

    Ecus is skilled in a broad range of habitat management works, understanding the purpose of a variety of techniques and how these benefit different habitats and species.

    We offer practical, proportionate and seasonally appropriate site support to ensure species and habitat interest is maintained or enhanced.

  • SuDS Schemes and Treatment Wetlands

    Planning Permissions often require specialist SuDS schemes and treatment wetlands as part of the overall project, with sign-off on the entire development relying on a fully functional and adoptable scheme.

    We work closely with all project partners to ensure the design brief is delivered on site to meet project objectives

  • Construction Phase Silt Management

    Silt and sediment control is an increasingly important aspect of construction site management and in worse case scenarios inadequate provision can lead to prosecution.

    We use highly qualified professionals certified to CPESC (International Erosion Control Association), and specialise in producing flexible silt management strategies that ensure control measures are in place to safeguard your development.

    We work closely with statutory authorities and LPAs to ensure compliance, with all measures and management actions on site fully recorded.

  • Invasive Species Control

    The presence of non-native invasive species on a site can disrupt development and threaten native biodiversity interest.

    Ecus is a recognised authority on the control of a number of invasive species and has developed future-proofed techniques for their survey and control.

    To help you manage the risk of invasive species on your sites, we design and implement strategies to eradicate or control invasive species using the latest techniques as recognised by statutory authorities and LPAs.

Working across sectors

We have successfully delivered projects across multiple sectors including housing, development, infrastructure and rail. We also work on commercial and regeneration projects with local authorities, trusts and charities.

Our clients consist of some of the largest private and public companies within these sectors, demonstrating our ability to provide an applied and tailored professional service.

We have strong technical experience working trackside for Network Rail, as well as supporting property developers such as Keepmoat Homes, in their habitat management and mitigation measures.