What is the Science-Based Targets initiative?

The Sustainability team explain succinctly what exactly the Science-Based Targets initiative is.

Sophia Reeve
Written by:

Sophia Reeve

June 17, 2024
Graduate Sustainability Consultant

at Ecus

The Science-Based Targets initiative, also known as SBTi, provides businesses with a clear pathway to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.  

Based on the SBTi criteria, companies develop targets relevant to their operations which are then submitted for validation to ensure they align with the latest climate science to keep global warming to a minimum. 

These targets define how much and how quickly a business must reduce its emissions to be in line with the Paris Agreement goals. 

This can then be disclosed in company reports for transparency on how you are monitoring and managing target progress.  

Science-based targets are relevant to businesses of all sizes in all sectors, and a commitment to this initiative can help to future-proof your business, increasing its resilience against new regulation, as well as demonstrating a genuine commitment towards sustainability for your consumer.