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Air quality services

Air pollution is the world’s largest single environmental health risk, causing around 7 million deaths worldwide every year.

In the UK, this has led to greater scrutiny of development proposals on air quality grounds and sometimes the refusal of planning or permitting consent.

A comprehensive Air Quality Assessment can make the difference between the success and failure of your project, and our expertise means we can advise you about how to best deal with your air quality management.

Air Quality Assessment Services

We use our experience and knowledge to identify the most appropriate solution for your project, developing a bespoke Air Quality Assessment to address your specific needs.

We specialise in providing all aspects of air quality consultancy including:

  • Air Quality Assessments in support of planning applications
  • Air Quality Assessments in support of Environmental Permit applications
  • Dispersion Modelling Assessments
  • Odour Assessments
  • Atmospheric Emissions and Air Quality Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing

Atmospheric Emissions Dispersion Modelling

Dispersion modelling is recognised as a critical tool in determining potential pollutant concentrations, so it is often requested in support of Environmental Permit and planning applications.

We can offer a full range of dispersion modelling software packages, including:

  • ADMS-5
  • ADMS-Roads
  • Breeze-Roads
  • DMRB

Ecological Air Quality Assessment

Humans are not the only species susceptible to the effects of poor air quality, so an Ecological Air Quality Assessment may be necessary.

Pollution can influence natural habitats by damaging individual species, altering the composition of ecological systems and ultimately cause the loss of vegetation and diversity. Our support includes:

  • Completion of Environment Agency Nature and Heritage Conservation Screening to determine the scope of the Ecological Air Quality Assessment
  • Completion of the Environment Agency H1 Risk Assessment Software tool
  • Dispersion modelling assessment considering potential impacts on sensitive habitats from road vehicle emissions
  • Dispersion modelling assessment considering potential impacts on sensitive habitats from industrial emission sources
  • Dispersion modelling assessment considering potential impacts from agricultural sources
  • Ammonia Assessment including use of Calculator for Road Emissions of Ammonia (CREAM)
  • Completion of Simple Calculation of Atmospheric Impact Limits (SCAIL) screening assessments.

Atmospheric Emissions and Air Quality Monitoring

As urban air quality is negatively impacted by increasingly high pollution levels and our health and wellbeing is threatened, the need for air quality monitoring is growing. This monitoring could be in support of an Environmental Permit Application, a planning submission or regulatory compliance, and we offer complete testing services for all of your monitoring requirements.

  • Process emissions quantification and characterisation
  • Stack emissions monitoring
  • Ambient air quality monitoring using continuous and periodic methods
  • Passive nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube monitoring in line with Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) guidance
  • Baseline air quality monitoring studies in support of residential, commercial and industrial development
  • Odour monitoring including emission sampling and quantification
  • Field odour assessments
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Monitoring to determine compliance with Building Research Establishment Assessment Method (BREEAM) standards
  • Workplace exposure monitoring for COSHH Regulations

Odour Assessment Services

We provide all aspects of odour assessment reporting, including:

  • Odour Impact Assessments in support of planning and environmental permitting
  • Odour Dispersion Modelling
  • Odour Sampling and Analysis and Surveys
  • Odour Risk Assessments of food preparation premises
  • Odour Management Plans
  • Odour Complaint and Nuisance Investigation
  • Odour Mitigation Planning
  • Odour Abatement Plant Options Appraisal
  • Odour Abatement Plant Performance Testing and Optimisation
  • Kitchen Odour Assessments

We also deliver support across:

  • – Low Emissions Strategies
  • – Air Quality Neutral Assessments
  • – Air Quality Damage Costs Assessments
  • – Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) reporting
  • – Emissions inventories
  • – Air quality screening studies
  • – D1 Stack Height Assessments
  • – Complaint investigation
  • – Dust and Odour Management Plans
  • – Expert witness

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