Invasive Species Survey

Ecus’ ecologists specialise in providing surveys and advice in relation to invasive plant and animal species.

Our site team is experienced in implementing control and management works for a range of invasive species including:

  • Australian swamp stone crop (also known as New Zealand pygmyweed or Crassula helmsii)
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Himalayan balsam
  • Mink
  • Signal crayfish

Our surveyors are trained in the identification of all UK invasive species and our ecologists routinely prepare management plans for the appropriate treatment of invasive species including Japanese knotweed on site.

We specialise in control of non-native aquatic species, in particular Crassula helmsii, signal crayfish and the invasive freshwater shrimp Dikerogammarus villosus.  We have undertaken some of the UK’s largest Crassula control programmes for Natural England and Scottish Natural Heritage including leading on research of new control techniques.

Our site team includes trained herbicide operatives who are licensed to undertake spraying of invasive weeds.

For further information on our services please contact us.