Managing your environmental impact

Environmental Management Systems

Streamline your processes and achieve

Legal compliance

Implementing an environmental management system can provide your organisation with a systematic set of policies, processes and procedures. This allows you to manage your environmental impact as well as improving the efficiency of your operations.

A well-structured management system can help your company achieve legal compliance with environmental legislation, provide operational cost savings, reduce your environmental risk, fulfil accreditations that can help to win business, and improve staff morale.

We work with you to create

Bespoke systems

Our team does not provide a ‘one size fits all’ product. Instead we work with you to create or maintain a bespoke system that works for you and your company. This can be either internally monitored or we can help you gain accreditations such as ISO 14001:2015, Green Dragon, or ISO 14064-1.

We can work with you on an entire system or focus on just one particular area. For example, we could look at your environmental monitoring and help set SMART objectives and targets. This could include creating your carbon inventory and carbon reduction plan.

We can help you integrate your environmental management system with others, such as ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety management system), ISO 50001 (energy management systems), and ISO 9001 (quality management system). This helps you streamline your processes and makes your systems more effective and efficient for you to embed into business practice.

Other services

  • Internal Audits

    Check on your systems and operations in a non-biased way.

    We will check that your systems are compliant with ISO standards (including integrated systems), and your operations are legally compliant. We want to provide a positive experience and will support you to resolve any issues and provide feedback on the all aspects of the company’s practices. This can help prepare you for any external certification audits.

  • Ongoing Management Support

    Providing skills and resources.

    We can help if you are struggling to find the capacity or the skills within your organisation to manage and monitor your systems. From data analysis, completing your audits and checks, or updating documents, we can work to keep your systems running effectively and embedded into your organisation’s day to day activities.

  • Training

    Providing the expertise.

    Ecus have qualified trainers who can provide workshops or courses to suit your needs. We cover topics such as: introduction to environmental management, implementation and managing management systems, creating a carbon inventory / carbon footprint.