Ecus was appointed by English Heritage to deliver this scoping stage of a project to review and assess the potential impact of electricity transmission infrastructure on all aspects the historic environment and the possible need for generic advice or a toolkit on how to deal with it.

Electrical transmission lines may have an impact on the historic environment, be they impacting directly on heritage assets or the potentially significant impact they can have on the setting of heritage assets. However, they are a necessity and the evidence suggests that there will be an upsurge of planning applications relating to this type of infrastructure as a result of the need both to update existing infrastructure, and also to service new energy generation projects.

This project will involve producing a scoping report on the possible impacts and approaches to mitigation of impacts upon the historic environment. This will review how power transmission lines and related infrastructure can affect the historic environment and at what scale. It will make particular reference to using evidence of past planning applications for transmission infrastructure, previous inspectors’ decisions and s37 determinations by DECC and details of previous projects where issues relating to the historic environment have played a significant role. Views will be sought from the both the energy sector and environmental bodies as to the relevant issues to address.

Based upon the results and consultations during this project will ultimately determine the potential for the development of generic guidance or toolkit or whether decisions can only be taken on a case by case basis.

A consultation period with environment/heritage professionals and the energy sector is currently underway.