Conservation and Heritage

Ecus has an enviable project history delivering research, large scale survey and technical consultancy to the nature conservation and heritage sectors.

Nature conservation is at the heart of Ecus business and we have delivered major research, survey and advice contracts for all the statutory UK nature conservation bodies and supported hundreds of LPAs and third sector clients since opening for business in 1986. Current clients with active projects include CCW, NE, SNH SEPA, Environment Agency, numerous LPAs and the National Trust.

Our track record is best exemplified by our continued repeat business in this sector and our current inclusion on framework agreements for different nature conservation bodies that cover the UK and Scotland and England.

Typical projects include original research, large scale survey and monitoring projects for habitats and species, management planning, habitat restoration and creation both design and build/implementation and technical consultancy. We have active projects across the UK and are able to provide highly skilled and cost effective teams to locations throughout the country.

Heritage – We work with private clients, developers, charities, government and non UK governments on a diverse range of buildings, landscapes, townscapes and urban environments. We provide a full range of built heritage services, including; listed building and planning advice, archaeological standing building survey, grant advice and conservation management planning. The team has many years of experience in the commercial heritage sector and understands the concerns of owners, developers and curators.

Ecus provides advice on the conservation and re-use of historic buildings and landscapes. This can range from training in built heritage skills to advice on specific conservation issues. We have considerable experience of innovative site and museum interpretation and in developing sites as a heritage attraction. We can also provide advice on business planning and activity plans for historic sites.