Water Quality Monitoring

Ecus aquatic scientists conduct water quality monitoring and management for a range of water bodies and users, from managing amenity waters to monitoring discharges to assessing the condition of protected sites.

Services include both in-situ and laboratory testing for chemical parameters, oil and specific pollutants and biological analysis using macroinvertebrates, diatoms and macrophytes to assess nutrient status, acidification, and ecological status.

We provide a range of water quality assessment from flexible, reactive call off services to investigate and remediate pollution incidents to tailored long term monitoring strategies and aquatic ecosystem management.

Our key services include:

  • Biological analysis
  • Chemical water quality and sediment analysis
  • Blue green algae monitoring and solutions

The Ecus team regularly undertake water quality monitoring and remediation for a range of clients from industry, the third sector and conservation agencies.

Recent projects have included water quality and ecological monitoring of pond restoration work, including design and creation of wetlands to improve suspended solids and nutrient concentrations, water quality monitoring of a SSSI canal to assess condition and investigate possible sources of and solutions for high nutrient levels.

If you would like more information about any of these services either give our water team a call or make an enquiry.

Further Information