Ecus Landscape Welcomes Taima Al Bahri

Assistant Landscape Architect, Taima Al Bahri, reflects on her first month at Ecus.

Taima Al Bahri
Written by:

Taima Al Bahri

October 30, 2023
Assistant Landscape Architect

at Ecus

The Landscape team at Ecus proudly welcomes Taima as the newest member of our dynamic team. As an Assistant Landscape Architect, Taima brings a wealth of passion and expertise in shaping spaces that not only captivate aesthetically but also nurture well-being.

In her own words, Taima reflects on her first month.

“As an Assistant Landscape Architect at Ecus, my passion lies in shaping spaces that nurture wellbeing and forge a deep sense of place. My values align with the principles of regenerative design, emphasising the importance of leaving a positive impact on all stakeholders. This commitment is one of the many reasons I joined the Ecus team.

While my academic journey began with a bachelor’s degree in architecture, I quickly realised that in order to create designs that are both beautiful and functional, interdisciplinary collaboration is essential. One aspect of landscape practice that has pleasantly surprised me, especially in the professional realm, is the seamless integration and close collaboration between various fields; particularly archaeology, arboriculture, ecology, and landscape architecture. This synergy is so close here at Ecus that we all share an office space – along with the occasional office dog, of course!

I first encountered Ecus during my studies, and what truly stood out was its strong connection with the University of Sheffield, which assured their focus on continuing academic and professional development. In fact, I met the Director of Landscape Architecture, Kristina, at the University’s Landscape Architecture End of Year Exhibition, where I presented my Special Project. Four months later, I officially started my professional career at Ecus Sheffield after completing my master’s degree. The transition from academia to a professional role was swift, and the enthusiasm to join the Ecus team was so irresistible, I started only a week after my final hand-in.

One month into this role feels like a year. I am part of a team of talented and passionate individuals who welcomed me wholeheartedly from day one. Each day presents its own exciting new challenges, evoking my time in academia but with a stimulating twist. Learning something new with every project has been invigorating. I’ve been able to refine my professional skills, particularly in software such as CAD and Photoshop. More importantly, I’ve gained valuable insights into client communication, both verbal and visual. Collaborating with my team on captivating and thoughtfully crafted projects, seeing them through to the next stages, has been a privilege. I’m eagerly looking forward to further growth and development here and plan to embark on my path to chartership in the near future.”

Ecus is thrilled to have Taima on board, confident that her passion for regenerative design and collaborative innovation will further enrich our commitment to creating spaces that positively impact communities and the environment.

Taima Al Bahri