Walking Hadrian’s Wall and raising money for cancer charity

During May, our Senior Arboricultural Consultant, Dave Farmer, walked the width of the country along Hadrian’s Wall, covering over 90 miles in just six days, and carrying everything he needed on his back.

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June 6, 2022

He raised over £2.5k for Shine Cancer Support – an organisation that provides vital support, information and advice to people throughout the UK in their 20s, 30s & 40s who have cancer, or are suffering the effects of cancer.

Dave’s journey started back in early 2021 when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer at just 41. The news hit him hard and he struggled with having his health threatened. Cancer is increasingly affecting younger people and there’s not much support tailored to the needs of adults under 50. Dave found Shine’s resources very useful in helping him cope with this life-changing diagnosis. Very luckily, Dave had surgery to remove part of his kidney and has since been given the all clear. He wanted to take on a challenge to not only raise money for the charity that helped him through the bad times, but also prove to himself that he was on the road back to health and he could still be in charge of his own destiny. So, he chose to walk 90 miles, alone, along the length of Hadrian’s Wall, carrying his tent, sleeping bag, clothes and food.

Walking Hadrian's Wall
Walking Hadrian’s Wall

The trek was a challenge and Dave was faced with some very wet weather, potential sunstroke, sore feet, scarce facilities, and the need to walk an average of 15 miles a day. He camped on farmers’ fields and village greens (with permission) along the way, and was sustained by calorie-rich field rations. But the journey brought many joyous and positive experiences for Dave. The weather was mostly glorious spring sunshine, and it was a chance for him to retreat from the busy, day to day of modern life, and be alone with his thoughts among nature, which was a rare and beneficial chance to reflect on what he’s learned.

Hadrian's Wall Sign
Hadrian’s Wall Path Sign Post

It was a chance for him to prove himself capable of taking on a challenge, and give back to a worthwhile charity while helping others. And Dave realised that his illness has given him a greater sense of purpose and put many things into perspective. When he reached the finish line, Dave was surprised by a greeting party made up of his wife and a group of close friends, with t-shirts and banners to welcome him and congratulate him on completing his huge accomplishment.

We’re hugely proud of Dave and all he has achieved and the money he has raised is going to a very worthwhile cause. You can still donate.

Dave and Shine
Dave and Shine Cancer Support