Welcoming Andy Norton as Regional Director of the Yorkshire & East Midlands Environment team.

We are pleased to welcome Andy Norton to Ecus, who joins us as Regional Director of the Yorkshire & East Midlands Environment team. Andy will be looking after operations for our Landscape, Arboriculture, Heritage & Archaeology, and Environmental teams.

Ecus Communications Team
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Ecus Communications Team

January 27, 2022

Andy brings a wealth of experience to this role after spending the last 25+ years of his career working for archaeological educational charities in Oxford and Sheffield.

After studying Archaeological Science at the University of Bradford, Andy spent the first 15 years of his career with Oxford Archaeology, much of which working on late Saxon and medieval archaeology, and excavating and reporting on Oxford Castle. His next role involved a move to Sheffield, initially to generate new business and latterly as Regional Director, North at Wessex Archaeology, working closely with the department of Archaeology at the University of Sheffield as well as overseeing work on high profile schemes such as HS2.

What Andy enjoys most about his profession is big picture archaeology, particularly from the late 11th and early 12th century, and the detective work involved in tying in historical events to buried remains.

"I'm excited to be taking on the challenges of my new role at Ecus. The addition of Northern Archaeological Associates to the Ecus family means that our below-ground archaeological capabilities are large enough to place us in a much stronger position in the market. I want to make Ecus known for large-scale excavation and geophysics, and attract new clients and expertise with this reputational transformation. This means that Ecus is now able to offer a wider range of archaeological consultancy expertise to large infrastructure, road, rail, energy and housing projects."

Andy Norton

Regional Director of the Yorkshire & East Midlands Environment team

Outside of work Andy is a keen cyclist and park runner, a frequent face at Sheffield’s thriving gig scene, and a family man with three children. He can be contacted on andrew.norton@ecusltd.co.uk